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Butt Sweets & Bakers was established in 1947 at the heart of Lahore at Lakshmi Chowk, symbolizing the tradition and heritage cherished by all Pakistanis. Years later, we still hold close the values we were initially founded upon, even as we continue to grow and evolve. Our sweets are handcrafted and every selection is a result of our unwavering artistic passion and appetite for perfection. Each piece is carefully selected, tastefully crafted and beautifully packaged to create an exquisite box of sweetness for you and your loved ones. Butt Sweets with its unmatched prestige does not only entail a promise of tantalizing taste buds but of trustworthy quality and authenticity. Whether it is intended for a celebration or a token of gratitude or for a surprise, our sweets make memorable moments of love, family and festivity.

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